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Are you looking for a new home for your webcomic or are you new to online publishing and need help getting started in your new adventure?

Comic Nexus can Help You

Comic Nexus offers creators an online home for your project from setting up your site, community and helping with weekly promotions.

Online Home
Comic Nexus can set up your webcomic as a subdomain such as ( If you own your own web address, we can help you redirect the address to your new home or host your address alongside We’ll set up ComicPress, the premiere online wordpress theme for running your webcomic, and install the Comic Easel plugin that does all the hard work for your site. We’ll help you along the way to get your site running and on its way to sharing your webcomic.

Online Community
Comic Nexus has created a community to send your fans and be in direct communications with them and share addition artwork that doesn’t fit on your home like sketches, fan art and more.

Comic Nexus uses a large range of social media, email and conventions to help you promote your comics. Whether you update daily, weekly or monthly Comic Nexus will help you get the word out to your fans and bring new readers to your webcomic.

Comic Nexus offers you support and help getting your online home up and running. We’ll be around if you have trouble as your webcomic grows.

What can you bring to Comic Nexus
Your submission should only contain original content that you own and will retain all the ownership rights to. Do not submit work that contains existing trademarked characters from other publishers or media (this applies to characters like Batman or Scott Pilgrim, and not to public domain figures like Sherlock Holmes or Frankenstein.) If your comic does occasionally feature trademarked characters, the creator must ensure that their inclusion of the characters falls clearly under the banner of fair use (see the explanation at

All creators and team members need to be of legal age (in the United States or in their country of residence, whichever is higher).

We look forward to seeing a variety of subjects. Comic Nexus reserves the right to reject any comics if they do not fit with the audience of Comic Nexus and its community.

Join Comic Nexus and let us help you get started with your webcomic

$14.99 monthly

includes the following
• Private Domain
• Marketing & Advertising
• Support

$9.99 monthly

includes the following
• Subdomain (Online Comic)
• Marketing & Advertising
• Support
If you have questions about Comic Nexus Webcomic Plan please send us a note.

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